We offer a variety of download options for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Providing end-users with binaries is a costly challenge. Binaries and installers need to be code signed, verified and notarized in order to work properly.
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Download from the App Store Download latest txdx.dmg

We currently support macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) and up.

The App Store version will get automatic updates through Apple, however, due to Apple’s review process, new releases become available a few days after the direct download release from TxDx.


Arch / Manjaro

TxDx is available through the Arch User Repository (AUR) as source or binary package.

yay -S txdx-bin
# or
yay -S txdx

Debian / Ubuntu

Coming soon!

Flatpak / AppImage / RPM

Not yet planned. Please start a discussion on Github if you’re interested.


Users have reported issues with the Snap packaged version of TxDx, like missing fonts and dynamic theme switching not working. Feel free to create an issue with TxDx, but you’ll probably have a better experience using a native package format for your distribution.

You can download TxDx directly from the Snap Store. It will receive automatic updates through Snapcraft.

Get is from the Snap Store

Or, from the command line:

sudo snap install txdx


Currently we only offer a portable installation for Windows.

Download portable zip


TxDx is open source. It’s build on the Flutter framework. At this time no support is provided for running TxDx directly from source.

Download latest source archive Clone with git