Getting started

TxDx is not your everyday todo app. This getting started guide takes you to the basics to get you started.


  • TxDx uses Todo.txt format to store all it’s data in plain text.
  • Create a new folder on your device. Preferably somewhere that can sync to the cloud or is backed-up automatically.
  • If you’re migrating from a version < 1.0.13, move your todo.txt and archive.txt files into this directory. Rename them if necessary.
  • After starting TxDx click the ‘Select TxDx folder’ and pick the folder with your todo.txt and archive.txt files.
  • Read up on the Todo.txt syntax to make your life easier.

The Todo.txt format

Todo.txt is a format for storing todo items and their metadata in a plain text file. You can use different tools to access these files. Text editors like Notepad or Vim are the obvious choices.

TxDx is a graphical interface that uses Todo.txt formatted files to store your data. When you start working with TxDx you’ll often use Todo.txt syntax to enter data.

Read more about the Todo.txt format

The Todo.txt and Archive.txt files

TxDx operates on two plain text files, both using the Todo.txt format. In this guide we use the names todo.txt and archive.txt, but you can name them whatever you want.

todo.txt contains the active (pending and completed) todo items you see in TxDx. This is your active todo list.

archive.txt contains completed items you have archived from TxDx. To keep things tidy you may not want to keep a long list of completed items, so you can easily move them to a separate archive file with TxDx.

The archive.txt file optional. If you don’t select it from Settings, the ‘Archive completed items’ function will not be available.

Synchronization between devices

We understand that synchronizing your data between devices is critical. Because your data in TxDx is stored in as plain text files, you can use any synchronization service you’re already using. Users report great experiences with Nextcloud and Syncthing, but commercial solutions like Google Drive or Dropbox will also work.

TxDx is smart enough to notice the file on disk has changed when changes are incoming. By default it will reload those changes from disk. You can disable this in Settings.