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Upgrading to TxDx 1.0.13 from TxDx < 1.0.13

With TxDx 1.0.13 access to your todo.txt and archive.txt has changed. Before you needed to pick both files individually in settings. From version 1.0.13 onward you need to have your todo.txt and archive.txt files in a directory and select that in TxDx. M

Migrating is easy:

  • Create a directory for your TxDx files if you don’t have one yet
  • Move your files to this directory and name them todo.txt and archive.txt
  • If you don’t have one or both of these files yet, TxDx will create them for you once you select the folder
  • Either from the welcome screen or Settings, select the folder you created in TxDx.

The reason for this change is to be ready in future versions to store more meta data, like notes and attachments with your todo.txt file.