(A) Read the About Todo.txt page due:today

TxDx stores your data in plain text on your device. For this we use the Todo.txt format. This is a short introduction to the Todo.txt syntax.

In the examples below we’ll talk about “an item”. “An item” refers to a single line in your todo.txt file.

You’ll find that Todo.txt formatted items are quite easy to read and edit. TxDx takes the information from the items and presents it to you in a visually pleasing manner.

Official Todo.txt documentation


Priorities are indicated by letters with A is the highest priority. TxDx has visual indicators for priorities A, B, C and D. Lower priorities are still sorted, but without a specific visual indicator.

Priorities are optional and placed at the front of the line in braces:

(B) Buy milk @shopping

You can use the context menu (right click on an item) to quickly set a priority or you can use ⌘-UP/⌘-DOWN if you have an item selected to cycle through priorities


Todo.txt uses the YYYY-MM-DD format for dates.

x 2022-03-31 2022-03-26 Buy milk @shopping due:2022-03-30

In the completed item above you see three dates. the first is the completion date, the second the creation date. The due tag indicates when the items was due.

TxDx will automatically insert the creation and completion dates for you when you create or complete an item.

Due date helpers

Because thinking about dates is painful, TxDx adds some handy helpers when specifying a due date.

First off you can always set a specific date using the YYYY-MM-DD format:

  • due:2022-03-01

There are also some helpers. When using these, TxDx will substitute the correct date for you automatically when saving the item.

  • due:today will insert today’s date
  • due:tomorrow will insert tomorrow’s date
  • due:yesterday for when your boss wants you to do something

You can also use a relative format to plan years, months, weeks or days ahead.

  • Take out garbage due:1w
  • Check-up at dentist due:6m
  • Go on holiday to Legoland again due:1y

You can combine these:

  • Plan girl's night out due:1w3d